AKC Spring Trial Saturday and Sunday May 8th  and 9th, 2021

Herding Clinic Featuring John Holman on May 10th, Working and Audit Spots Available,  Lunch Included.

Two trials and one test each day
  • Trial

    • Stock (separate trials): Ducks, sheep

    • Courses: A & B​ Ducks, Sheep

    • Levels:  started, intermediate, advanced

  • Test​

    • HT and PT​ - sheep

  • Judge​

    • John Holman

Spring 2021 Trial

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John Holman Stockdog Clinic
Monday May 10, 2021
Hosted by

Woodsend Farm and NGABHDA
2223 Salem Rd, Watkinsville GA 30677


John Holman will be at the Farm, judging a 2 day AKC herding trial before his clinic. John has
traveled all across North America and Europe teaching clinics. He is known for his DOG4EWE
Border Collies, but has extensive experience with a large variety of herding breeds. No matter which
breed of dog, the theme of John’s clinics are to develop a calm working dog that is happy to work for
you and with you!

Clinics are positive and calm, with an emphasis on developing the right attitude for working calmly
and moving stock quietly. Handlers of all experience levels are welcome. John will work with each
person and dog individually, focusing on what the team wishes to accomplish. Whether you are just
starting out in herding, starting a young dog, working your dog on the farm, or fine tuning for the trial
field, everyone can take away something beneficial from John’s clinics.

John Holman is from Clay Center, NE where he is employed by the USDA. John Holman began
training stockdogs in 1980 when he was hired as sheep herdsman for Mississippi State University.
John is known for his DOG4EWE Border Collies, but has had extensive experience with Bearded
Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, Bouviers, Shelties, Corgis, Pulik and Belgians. He is also a
licensed AKC, AHBA and USBCHA judge.

In recent open competitions John has had wins at the Iowa State Fair, Nebraska State Fair and the
National Western Stock Show. In 2003 John placed 8th and 10th with his dogs Moo and Trim at the
USBCHA cattle finals. In 2005 John and Mick won the second go-around with a perfect score of 90,
in 2010 John and Lee were 4th in the Nursery class, and in 2013 John and Roy took 4th in the
Nursery finals! In 2014 John and Lee were the USBCHA National Cattle Dog Finals Champions! In
AKC competition, John has won over 65 HITs and RHITs with his dogs. He has also campaigned
dogs to 7 Open and 4 Pro-Novice High Point Dog of the Year awards with the Nebraska Stock Dog

DOG4EWE Border Collies are the product of over 30 years of work and 6 generations of selective
breeding. They have enough power for tough cattle and are very biddable at the same time.
DOG4EWE Border Collies are used successfully as ranch, trial, agility and obedience dogs all over
the US and Canada. John is very grateful to all those that have helped him over the years. He
couldn’t have been this successful without the support of his family and friends in the stockdog

Working spots limited to ten handler/dog teams
Available stock – sheep and ducks

Cost $150

Please send a $100 deposit for a working spot per team and includes lunch
Auditing spots available for $35.00 per day and includes lunch.


Mail payment to Claire Hamilton
P.O. Box 764, Farmington, GA 30638


Contact Claire Hamilton 706-540-8008 or chamilton083@yahoo.com
for additional information and to reserve your spot


Grounds open at 7:30 am for coffee and doughnuts. Clinic will begin promptly at 8:00 am