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Spring AKC Herding  Trials and Tests 4 Trials May 6-7th, 2023
2 Duck trials A and B course, 2 Sheep Trials A and B Course PT & HT

Monday May 8th, Joy Hall Herding Seminar (see below for details and Registration Form).

Spring AKC Herding Trials and Tests

Opens February 28th, 2023

Closes April 14th. 

Please see attached Premium List.

All entries are to be submitted via mail, UPS or Fedex.

No signature required.

Saturday Judge: Stacey Edwards

Sunday Judge: Joy Hall

Spring 2023 AKC Herding Trials and Tests Premium List

North Georgia All Breed Herding Dog Association is Pleased to Sponsor the
Joy Hall Herding Clinic Monday May 8th, 2023

Joy’s first herding breed was the Texas Lacy, a heritage breed used with wild cattle. These dogs did the work of several men, worked all day, and never complained. Their strength was out in the brush and rugged territory. When she stumbled onto the world of cattle trials, she fell in love with the Australian Cattle dog, a breed that dominated the arena trials. For over 15 years, she focused on learning all that was available by attending lessons and clinics as often as possible. 


Joy began teaching and training for the public in 1991, after doing well at several Nationals. Since that time, dogs that train with Roux Crew have won over 350 HITs and RHITs in five venues, gone HIT or RHIT in 12 different breed National Specialties. Her own dogs have won over $10,000 in USBCHA as well as time and point trials. One of her Aussies won the ASCA Finals in ducks and places in Border Collie trials. Joy currently runs BCs and Aussies in ASCA, AKC, AHBA, USBCHA, MSSA, and TSDA. 

Joy is a judge in AKC, AHBA, TSDA, and USBCHA and is comfortable working with most of the known herding breeds, including several rare breeds. In the last 30 years she has worked with over 1000 dogs. She regularly trains dogs for cow/calf and sheep operations as well as personal sport dogs. She will take the time to explain to her students what she sees and what the dog is doing.  Knowing why is so important to successfully training and trialing. 


Teams with working spots will have the opportunity to work their dogs twice during the day.  The clinic is for dogs are at all levels and work on fixing problems. Dogs should have some experience seeing stock. Clinic work will be on sheep. 

Joy Hall Seminar
Registration Form

Herding Raffle!!
Spring Trial
Come prepared for an opportunity to win many great herding related items Art, China, Leads, Whistles and more!!

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