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Officers and Members - 2021



President:  Stacey Edwards-Palmer
Vice President:  Mary Keenan
Treasurer: Claire Hamilton
Recording Secretary: Nancy Kelly
Directors:  Barbara Fitzgerald Courtney Dauler ,

Doyle Ivie



Bailey, Carol Anne

Caple, Amy

Dauler, Courtney

Dillian, Dorothy

Edwards, Stacy

Fitzgerald, Barbara

Hamilton, Claire

Ivie, Doyle

Jennings, Angie

Jennings, Dean

Johnson, Jane

Keenan, Mary

Kelly, Nancy

Kopp, Jenny

Lewis, Ren

Lewis, Morgan

McKee, Linda

Miller, Adam and Alyssa

Ozmore, B. Maurneen

Parker, Gary and Glenda

Selph, Gary

Sell, Elsa

Scott, Melissa

Sower, Saskia

Starrett, Emily

Vest, Rachel

Wofford, Terry


Two Sheep
Girl Holding Lamb
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